When you want to use a PDF editor, you will have to options to consider. First option is to use an online PDF editor, whereas the second option would be to use an offline PDF editor. Most people wonder what option to select out of these two. Let’s do a cross comparison between these two options and figure out the best one.

Comparison of features and user friendliness

For brief one-time activities, online PDF editors are handy. They can compress PDFs as well as convert PDF files to Word, JPEG, and other formats. You may also use online PDF tools to combine and divide PDFs, as well as add, delete, and trim pages. Annotation and editing tools are available on many services. The disadvantage is that using all of these capabilities in a single flow is inconvenient.

Consider the following scenario: you wish to merge two PDFs online and then sign the newly created file. You go online to a PDF editor, choose two files from your computer, and wait for them to be uploaded and combined. When your connection is fast and the PDFs are tiny, it typically doesn’t take long, and you could even have enough time to brew coffee.

Some providers, such as 2PDF.com, will immediately download the PDF to your PC once the merged file is available. You can choose to change it further, but you’ll have to wait for the combined file to upload again.

Many websites, fortunately, allow you to alter your PDF without having to download it. Smallpdf, for example, allows you to edit the document you just merged by adding text, pictures, and shapes. However, if you wish to sign or password-protect this PDF, you must select the appropriate option at the bottom of the screen and re-upload the file from your computer. Is it really necessary to make things that complicated?

With desktop PDF editors, it’s a lot easier. Let’s have a look at Mac. You get access to all of the amazing features at your fingertips. It’s lightning quick and independent of your internet connection. Simply open your file and do anything you want in any sequence. Have you overlooked highlighting any text in a combined PDF? Return to your document and pick up where you left off!

Privacy and security of your documents

Is using a free online pdf editor safe? Here’s a general rule of thumb: When utilizing online PDF editors and converters, don’t upload sensitive personal data like medical records or bank statements. Carefully choose online tools: Choose those that have been around for a while and review their privacy policies.

When it comes to desktop PDF editors, look for trusted programs and only download them through their or the. You won’t have to worry about your data after you’ve installed the dependable software. Whatever is in your PDF, whether it’s a new $10 million contract or a plot to take the world, it’s between you and your computer.


To get started, you can use one of the following free online PDF editors: There is no need to register, pay, or deal with bureaucracy. Simply upload your file and you’re done. When you need to rapidly alter a document, this is really useful.

However, if you work with PDFs regularly, you’ll rapidly run into a number of drawbacks. You can usually only modify a limited number of PDFs per hour, conduct only a few activities per hour, and upload huge and long files.

What should you select?

You may use online PDF editors if you simply need to make minor changes to a few difficult PDFs and don’t want to install any additional software. Simply ensure that the website from which you get your files is one you can trust.

Out of these two options, we always encourage you to proceed with using an online PDF editing tool. Then you can get PDF edits done without a problem. That’s where you should stick to a tool such as 2PDF.com