As I was composing this article, the pandemic COVID 19 was going on as well as “work from home” initiated. Also I decided to try and use an iPhone 6S as my daily driver and get rid of any other phones that I have. Of course, I have already used the iPhone 6S for two months now and to be honest I am quite surprised how it performs till date.


Quick Specs

  • 4.7-inch (750 x 1334)
  • 3D touch
  • 2GB RAM 64GB internal storage
  • 12MP main camera
  • Touch ID
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • 1715mAh battery capacity
  • iOS 13.4


Compared to any Android mid range phones or even some flagship failures could not live up to the standards of a 5 year old iPhone 6S. I did read somewhere saying that Apple admits the claim of slowing down their older devices via software updates. Even if it is claimed to be true, I do not see much of an issue here regardless of its performance. The only downside will be its 1715mAh battery capacity which doesn’t really hold up much towards recent standard and requirements.  Besides that, it performs like a brand new iPhone being unboxed and ready to go!

Good call quality, excellent gaming experience and on the go document editing is a bliss! I just got the phone for RM450 (104USD) and it is definitely worth every penny.  The variant that I have comes with 64GB of storage capacity. For music lovers and those who miss having an earphone jack can also utilize this advantage.

As far as I know, quit spending money on any Android smartphones that cost less than RM1500 and instead get secondhand iPhone 6S and above. You may also consider the older iPhone SE although the screen falls far smaller than recent smartphones. Just make sure you get one which is in a good condition. The one that i bought cost me RM20 for the battery which was replaced by my friend. I think most of you will agree with me because the fact of Android OS slowing down from time to time is where things get real obvious. Unlike iOS which is capable to handle harsher processes due to the well optimized operating system.

If you are a person who dislike iOS, then there is no point considering this option. I am a person who love and despise Android yet still end up considering iOS especially when you’re going all down to a budget structure. Do take note that the phone I was using before was OnePlus 7 Pro and it is my all time favorite. The iPhone 6S is almost as good and believe me you will only realize after using it for some period.

My setup is pretty basic, I do not use any protective case. The back is protected by a carbon-fibre transparent sticker and no tempered glass applied. All the latest required apps run smoothly with no issues.

Let me know if you guys agree with my opinion and feel free to share this post to spread awareness before someone spends money unnecessarily.