First thought that comes to your mind before getting a smartphone will be some basic criteria that it must fulfill according to your preference. For example, overall performance and battery life is what people want these days focusing towards reliability. During our in-depth usage of the Samsung Galaxy A7(2017), we realized that there are 5 main reasons why one would consider getting the Samsung Galaxy A7(2017) as your first choice smartphone of the year.

Always On Display

There are no smartphone at the moment within the similar price range with this feature, except for the A5(2017). For us, this is a must have feature of the year 2017 in all smartphones. You can save a lot time rather than pressing on the power button from time to time just to check the latest notification or even the time. It saves your time, durability of your power button as well as the accesibility of able to check if you have a new email or even a message that you were expecting without even touching the Samsung Galaxy A7(2017), Now you tell us, isn’t this a must have feature?

Mouth-watering Camera Capability

Do not underestimate the power of camera within the Samsung Galaxy A7(2017). From specification sheet, it might be just a 16MP f1.9 with PDAF. But in real world condition it is definitely a camera that is worth the attention to give. The camera is near flagship level(Samsung Galaxy S7). The images coming out of the 16MP sensor is exceptional and crystal clear. The color reproduction is near perfect and you can barely notice any noise, although you might see some of them during the night. Below are some casual photos that we took using Auto mode for you to judge its capability:-

USB Type-C + Fast Charging

Now, tell us how many smartphone manufacturers are actually offering this level of technology at the moment? You get the trending USB Type-C alongside fast charging. What else do you need anyway? The reversible cable provided is good and for sure will last much longer than the usual Type A USB cable that you commonly see. Fast charging saves loads of time having said the battery capacity on the Samsung Galaxy A7(2017) is already huge. Perhaps a perfectly blended combo? Huge capacity+USB Type-C+Fast Charging.


Dust & Water Resistant (IP68)

You will not believe how handy this feature could be. During our usage, we faced a lot of situations under the rain. We still managed to use the phone without any issues although it did get pretty soaked up. Nevertheless, a must have feature on all smartphones launched in the year 2017. You will never know what might happen tomorrow, if it indeed has to fall inside a lake or even a pool. How many percent of any ordinary smartphone has to survive that? The Samsung Galaxy A7(2017) will handle that situation cool and calm. It’s not exactly easy to get a rating of IP68 with no ugly flaps covering the ports,etc. Still doubt the build quality?

TouchWiz- At its best

Trust us, we used ot hate Touchwiz UI So badly. By the way, it is the Android Skin On by Samsung. People used to hate it and complain on how unreliable it used to be. But its just a memory now as Touchwiz is now perhaps the one and only custom UI that is capable of handling great multitasking conditions. We have to stress on what we mentioned in our full review of the Samsung Galaxy A7(2017), this smartphone is capable of multitasking-like a boss. This is the real definition of True Multitasking where you can simultaneously handle multiple applications. The UI is so optimized that you can barely see it slowing down while you’re in the “True Multitasking” situation. Again, is there any other manufacturers out there capable of producing a device with such algorithm where you won’t be able to see the phone slowing down?

Verdict: All-In-One

If you don’t like to spend too much on a smartphone and would rather get a good one which could last for a long period, this is your ideal choice. It can be your ultimate multitasking gadget, an outdoor companion and as well as a great “image runner”. Is the Samsung Galaxy A7(2017) worth RM1899? We are proud to say Yes! Do let us know if you can get all these features mentioned under one roof for similar price range.

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