OPPO is now the strongest player in the mid-lower range (RM900 to RM1200) tier of the smartphone market in Malaysia. Seizing a 50% sales in the mid-lower range (RM900 to RM1200) market with mere 2 months of sales, F1s, the company’s “Selfie Expert”, is no doubt, the company’s star performer in year 2016.

OPPO grows healthily and sustainably around the world

According to independent market research firm Sino-MR on the latest sales data from China’s offline smartphone retailers, OPPO R9 (as known as F1 Plus in Malaysia), has continued to take over the first place of bestselling smartphone models in the second and third quarter.

Besides the remarkable result in the mainland China, OPPO is now ranked No. 2 in the South East Asian market and fourth in the world, based on the latest data from International Data Corporation (IDC) report. With near 28 million units of smartphones shipment in the SEA region, the brand has locked the coveted spot of being No.2 in the second quarter for the first time in the SEA market.

Globally speaking, OPPO is bolstered by 136.6 percent year-on-year growth for the second quarter of 2016. With OPPO’s rapid growth in China, India, all South East Asian countries, the company is continuing to drive up the performance with its continued marketing investments to build solid brand equity for its Selfie Expert series.

Top Five Smartphone Vendors, Shipments, Market Share, and Year-Over-Year Growth, Q2 2016 Preliminary Data (Units in Millions)
Vendor 2Q16 Shipment Volumes 2Q16 Market Share 2Q15 Shipment Volumes 2Q15 Market Share Year-Over-Year Change
Samsung 77.0 22.4% 73.0 21.3% 5.5%
Apple 40.4 11.8% 47.5 13.9% -15.0%
Huawei 32.1 9.4% 29.6 8.6% 8.4%
OPPO 22.6 6.6% 9.6 2.8% 136.6%
vivo 16.4 4.8% 9.1 2.7% 80.2%
Others 154.8 45.1% 173.6 50.7% -10.8%
Total 343.3 100.0% 342.4 100.0% 0.3%
Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, July 28, 2016

Successful global marketing campaigns like key associations and sponsorships across popular platforms like FC Barcelona, America’s Next Top Model and ICC have also driven the brand to gain higher recognition in the global and all other markets.

OPPO’s 2-year Performance in Malaysia

Gaining more than 100,000 F1s users with less than 2 months’ time, OPPO grasps 50% sales in the mid-lower range market firmly and tightly. The company’s swift achievements contributed not only to the advance technology and the meticulous product, but also to its marketing strategy that is pushing the right button on its target consumers. With celebrities such as Nora Danish, Ayda Jebat, Min Chen, JC Chee on board, F1s has rapidly taking over the screens, internet, in-mall and outdoor billboard sever since its local launch in August 2016, firming the throne of its ‘Selfie Expert’. Programme sponsorships and the brand’s offline efforts have continued to build consumers’ familiarity and confidence towards the brand, in which contribute back to the sales.

As the first company in Malaysia who is putting its marketing focus on front facing camera, OPPO is standing out from of the seas of smartphones. Since the beginning of the smartphone era, OPPO has strived to bring users the high-performing front cameras that they demand, first by introducing a 2MP front camera when the industry standard was still at 1.2 MP. It was an improvement over the other offerings at the time, but what OPPO really wanted was for its front cameras to be able to capture images as crisp, clear and stunning as their counterparts in back.

Hence, OPPO introduced the selfie expert F1s that features a 16MP f/2.0 front-facing selfie camera, Beautify 4.0 technology, an upgraded Screen Flash feature, and gesture- and voice-activated selfies, all for an amazing price, allowing consumers to share their natural charm like no other smartphone on the market. “With a well-rounded product such as F1s, we are trying to fulfill the needs of the Malaysian market.”William Fang, Chief Executive Officer of OPPO Malaysia commented.

OPPO’s success can be attributed to the aggressive expansion of offline channel and after service centres strategy along with their focus on product differentiation. In the Malaysian market, OPPO has been expanding its offline presence by targeting 4,000 Point of Sales by the end of year 2016 and improving its after sales service for giving its consumers a better experience. A strategic positioning and messaging on photography technology especially selfie has also helped the brand attain consumer acceptance in a crowded smartphone market.