Its been few weeks since the official launch and availability of the honor 8 in Malaysia which in fact was one of the most anticipated smartphone by honor’s loyal fans. I would like to talk about few reasons on why you should consider getting the honor 8 for yourself. Before that, a quick recap on the specifications.  The honor 8 comes with a 5.2-inch Full HD display, 4GB of RAM and 32/64GB of internal storage variants. Under the hood, you will get the flagship grade Kirin 950 Octa core processor with 16nm architecture.

Other than that, there’s a Dual 12MP camera with both of them having an aperture of f2.2. It is also paired with laser autofocus and dual LED flash. On the front there’s a 8MP selfie camera with f2.4 aperture. In terms of software, there’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box with Emotion UI 4.1 skin on by honor. The battery capacity is set at 3000mAh and supports fast charging. Do take note that the honor 8 comes with USB Type-C port for charging and file transferring purposes. Other notable feature such as Dual SIM with LTE capability, Fingerprint scanner and Infrared blaster is present within this smartphone.photo1

Dual 12MP camera

For most of you who wonder what’s the main purpose of having dual camera, it actually works a a dedicated camera sensor for RGB and Monochrome. This allows you to take great black and white photos as well. In addition to that, there will be great amount of contrast and realistic shades when the final image is processed during your photo taking session. This is a feature that you must have if you’re a on-the-go photography enthusiast.

photo2Programmable Fingerprint scanner

The honor 8 is probably the phone that has utilized its fingerprint scanner the most. Having an incredible unlocking speed, you can also program each of your finger to open a specific application. The fingerprint scanner is in fact clickable and is also known as “Smart Key”. For example, you can do the following things only by using the Smart Key feature:-

  • Press the fingerprint scanner to launch a specific app, lets say the Camera
  • You can also double press the fingerprint scanner to Gallery or even a Photo Editing App.
  • Lastly, you can press and hold the fingerprint scanner to launch a specific app, lets say Facebook to upload your fresh photo.

The fingerprint scanner on honor 8 also supports NFC which allows you to make payments on the go.

photo3Infrared Blaster

Most phones these days have disregard this particular feature. This is actually the Remote Control feature that you can use to control your supported home appliances. I particularly would favour this feature because whenever I eat at a particular restaurant or a café, I’ll change the TV channels by myself rather than asking the waiter to get it done. 😛

photo4Premium Outlook (Aurora Glass)

We mustn’t settle for just the specifications right? We must have the satisfaction in terms of outlook as well. The honor 8 has a beautiful design with its front and back glass design paired with metal rims. The eye-catching part will be the Aurora Glass used on the back panel which looks absolutely gorgeous and the light reflections are pretty different to regular ones.

photo-8USB Type-C

This is the first smartphone from honor which has the USB Type-C port. This ensures the technology used on the honor 8 isn’t outdated. It’s also a good time to have this port as it’s becoming common and is getting easier to get one just in case we lose or the original cable gets spoil. In addition, it also contributes to a faster data transfer rate compared to the regular USB port.

photo7Flagship grade processor

The most important part of a smartphone will be its processor. The honor 8 gets a great processor which is the Hisilicon Kirin 950 processor. This is a well-known processor for its reliability and lag-free performance. Since this processor supports the dual camera feature, other notable manufacturers such as Qualcomm have also started having their processor to support the dual camera feature.

photo6Fast-Charging Capability

The honor 8 comes with a non-removable 3000mAh battery capacity. Since its non-removable and restricts you from quickly swapping to another set of battery, you have the fast charging capability enabled on the honor 8. According to honor, you can charge up to 47% in 30 minutes which is considered very fast when you compare to the traditional charging speed.

photo5Full HD display with high-color Gamut

This is probably the feature that most people might not realize. Compared to any other standard Full HD display, the honor 8 has a 96% high-color Gamut which gives better contrast and pleasant viewing experience. You can go ahead and compared side by side with another Full HD display and see the enhancements and quality of the honor 8 by yourself. 🙂

Extra Point

The honor 8 is also eligible for LCD Crack Warranty. This simply means that in case that you’ve accidentally damaged your front or rear glass panel with 3 months from date of purchase, you are entitled to get it replaced for free with no hidden charges. Do take note that this is a one-time-only claim.

Well, that’s about the 8 great reasons for you to get the honor 8. There’s actually loads more to talk about this flagship smartphone but I guess its my duty to mention the key features and leave the rest to you guys when you get yourselves the honor 8.

Honor 8 with 64GB of internal storage retails at RM1899 while the 32GB variant retails at RM1699. The honor 8 is available in Lazada and you can click on honor 8 to secure one for yourself rather than having the hassle getting one in a physical shop.

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