WeChat Tricks to Keep the Halloween Party On!


WeChat Tricks to Keep the Halloween Party On!

Trick and treat your way to the sweetest candies this Halloween season with WeChat’s latest features! Whether it is a banshee’s shriek, or an eerie sight to share, WeChat has it all at this bewitching time of fright.

Let WeChat Plan Your Holiday Bash

Keep the party going on, the one people will be talking about until the end of the year. And you don’t need a party planner to do it. Just use WeChat and invite all your friends to a group chat. You can easily coordinate what everyone is bringing and what they are wearing to ensure no frightful surprises. Group chats support up to 100 people, so go on and invite the entire neighborhood!

Keep Organized So You Don’t Miss Out  

If you’re thinking “too many parties, too little time,” then make sure you don’t miss the major ones. Even if no one recognizes you in your awesome costume, you know you were there. In WeChat, you can keep track of the time, location and the theme of every party by adding those important messages to your Favorites and tagging them with appropriate labels by pressing and holding each message and selecting “Favorite.” Then easily access the party info under “Favorites” in the “Me” tab.

Capture the Night’s Scariest Sights

Haunted houses are the perfect place to film unforgettable moments from your friends and family. Whether there are toyols, pontianaks, or orang minyak, simply pull down the WeChat main chat window to view the Sight screen, press and hold the Sight button to start recording and release it to send the video or post it to Moments. Let it be the talk of the nation!

Sticker yourself silly

Show your Halloween spirit with our latest sticker, Halloweeny, starring Benjamin the vampire and Winnie the witch who are here to bring spooky fun during the bewitching season. Why not even bring them to life by dressing up in their stylish black costumes! It’s original and you’ll be able to give your friends a sneak peak with this fun sticker pack. Available in the WeChat Sticker Gallery.

Spook Friends with Your Vocal Talents

A spine-chilling season to express your vocal talents by scaring close friends and families with the Hold to Talk feature on WeChat. It is as easy as holding down the Hold to Talk button to talk and releasing it once you are done and you are all set to scare them with screams, shrieks or eerie whispers in the night.

Halloween Fashion Night!

All dressed up for that Halloween party but missed flaunting it last Saturday? Share your talented creations on WeChat Moments by posting pictures of your favorite costumes and selfies. In fact, the Share-A-Scare social campaign to win yourself a brand new iPhone 6 Plus is still going on today on WeChat. Find out more about the contest HERE.

With all of these features in hand, what are you waiting for? Get WeChat today and start your spooky pranks and fun with your closest friends and family.