The OneDrive from Microsoft gets much useful than before with newly added features on their latest updated version. For now, three viral platforms, the Android, iOS and WP 8.1 are the priority as the updates are already made available to use from their respective stores. Below are the features added to each platform explained and shows how useful it can be for your daily usage.

Updates to OneDrive for Android: Access and manage your work files


You can now easily reach your personal files or even work files with the option to share with family or colleagues with the single app itself. Both personal and work files will be kept separately so that it doesn’t get mixed up and accidentally sharing to wrong party and editing wrong files.

To make your OneDrive even more secure on your phone, the OneDrive for Android  now supports setting up a PIN code for safety purpose. Simply create a 4 digit code, and you can limit access to the app and your files. Lastly, this app also includes improvements to camera backup speed and reliability and lets users open files directly from OneDrive in other apps.
All of these updates are important ones,so have a lookout as Microsoft is planning to bring these features to iOS and Windows Phone devices in the coming months.

Updates to OneDrive for iOS: All photos view and search


For iOS, the search experience which is well used on iPhone and iPad for quickly finding anything in specific in keywords has been now added where you have to just swipe down in the app to reveal the search box.


The All Photos view feature which is widely used on the OneDrive web version is now available to use on the OneDrive for iOS. This will make your life easier by grouping together all your photos following the timeline and well organized. In addition to that, you can also check your camera backup status right away with the OneDrive app on iOS.

Updates to OneDrive for Windows Phone 8.1: Recycle bin access


A number of bug fixes were made on the Windows Phone together with users able to access their OneDrive recycle bin which was not enabled before. On top of that, you can also restore deleted files and folders instantly without having to worry.