Spotify launches expanded Web API


Good news to developers who were looking forward for an updated version of the Web API which was present from Spotify before this with limited features. Today, Spotify has officially updated with a new version of the Spotify Web API which enables you to create real Spotify playlists for your users! You will be also freely able to put everything from album art to music previews into third-party web apps without any restrictions.

With this, you can create powerful music apps with Spotify, and gain a lot of users to use and follow your playlists and music apps. Some of the features that were added are:-

● Rich Metadata. The new web API lets you retrieve extensive track, album and artist details from the Spotify catalog, including cover art and 30 second track previews.

● User Profiles & Playlists. With a user’s permission, developers can now access user profile information including playlists, display name, image, country, email, external URL, and subscriber status. Web apps powered by this new API can also build new playlists for users to enjoy later, in their Spotify apps.

● The Echo Nest: Integrated. We’ve been hard at work with new family members, The Echo Nest, to bring the two APIs together. The result: You can build your projects atop the world’s best music service and the world’s best discovery data.

Hopefully the developers out there will take real advantage and at the same time have fun tinkering with all the new tools that are made available for you only from Spotify!