Samsung Introduces UHD Monitor in Malaysia

Samsung UD590

Yesterday, Samsung Malaysia Electronics introduced four new comers to their monitor family, which now includes UHD resolution as the main attraction and most wanted feature that a monitor could offer in the year 2014.

Of course, instead of getting a 4K television just to use as a monitor for gaming purposes, as new games such as Watch Dog, etc seems quite fun to play with higher resolution. And not long to go until most games would support higher resolution than the current ones. Samsung has introduced only one monitor that is capable of displaying and supporting 4K videos while the three other monitors still remains at Full HD.  The model number UD590 is the 28″ 4K enabled monitor which is priced at RM1899, can be quite a hefty price tag, but hey, if you want a 4K display for playing games, you have no choice getting this one rather than a 4K television. Of course you will have the feature of Samsung’s PIP( picture in picture) which allows you to watch two different source of video/audio simultaneously. Now you could view all your videos recorded via your smartphones which has 4K recording capability directly via your monitor at full UHD resolution.

Next, another new comer to the market is SD590 Full HD monitor which comes in two different sizes 27″ and 23.6″ with minimalistic design and almost invisible super thin bezels, where Samsung designed it perfectly so that the users could enjoy more screen space without unnecessary thick bezels which will still end up making the monitor bulky. The SD590 is priced at a decent price tag of RM1099.

Lastly, two extra monitors that Samsung introduced are the Full HD SD390 and SD360 both priced at  RM699 which is indeed cheap for a newly released monitor. For the SD390, there are two sizes, 27″ and 23.6″ while the SD360 is sized at 23″. These monitors have only single HDMI port while the UD590 UHD monitor has 2 HDMI ports, which can be handy at times.

As far as I am concerned, all of the monitors looks gorgeous when it comes to outlook and regarding the performance and how awesome can the display be? I have to try it out first, or maybe you could try it out and drop your feedback here. Oh that’s about it, and yes all of these monitors have dedicated gaming mode feature which will adapt to your game’s essential resolution automatically. Alright guys, if you need more information below are the detailed specifications.

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