How is it to experience “Internet Lag” in reality?

Lately I been browsing around and watched numbers of videos related to Oculus Rift. Many of you would not even know the existence of such device. What is it actually? Well, the Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset for 3D gaming developed by Oculus VR. Headset does not mean something to use as headphones, instead its solely made for your eyes with the option of adding accessories for audio in and out of course. I am definitely dying to try out the Oculus Rift or even the Oculus DK2, which is not out yet, but made available for pre-order for the time being.

This could be a heaven made product for all the intense gamer out there especially those who would prefer to indulge into the 3D world, as though you’re a part of it feeling everything lively. Hey, you have to agree to my statement right? Who wouldn’t want to feel the beauty of high end graphics which enables you to not just look into the monitor, instead of that you could encounter everything that’s incoming in your way just like how you watch highly optimized 3D movies. Now that’s what you call 3D.
So, some of the Internet service providers are taking this opportunity to promote their service by highlighting that the 3D effect from Oculus Rift would work flawlessly with high end internet connection. Well I can’t confirm this one unless I have tried it personally. But hey, you wouldn’t really need 1Gbps connection for that, few Mbps would do a good job as well. As long its going to be a stable connection with low ping, you can give a shot and purchase the Oculus Rift. Okay that’s all from me and thanks for reading, so as a gift for you’ll I will share some of the videos that I have watched regarding Oculus Rift. Peace!

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