Want to be notified about Facebook friends who un-friends you? Introducing the Unfriend Notify.

Ever wanted a reliable way of getting notified regarding Facebook where you have more than 1000 friends and maybe some of them might have been quite close to you but in recent times there have been some distance between both of you, and without you realizing the person might have un-friended you as we often face such problems even when the person who un-friended you might even be a real life friend.
Okay straight to the topic, how do we get this feature installed? Well, this is actually just a browser extension which is currently available only for Chrome and Firefox. Yes so if you’re on Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera or any other browsers,you will not be able to use this extension for the time being as the developer might support those browsers if there is a huge demand for it. This extension is known as Unfriend Notify, which is currently free to use and works perfectly for Facebook.
Once you have added this Unfriend Notify extension on Chrome or Firefox, you’ll realize that once you navigate to your friend list on Facebook, there will be a ” Lost Friends ” link which is newly added beside ” Friends ” link. So it would directly indicate how many friends of yours have removed you from their friends list. Unfortunately, it would not show you the name of the person who have un-friended you. Together with this, the extension will also display an alert which would notify you on the spot if someone has un-friended you.
I personally feel that if the feature of showing who actually deleted or rather un-friended you, at least if the name is notified this extension would prove to be perfect. I am also pretty sure that the developer of Unfriend Notify extension is actually working on it and would include it in future updates. But as long as you know all of your friends on Facebook, you will eventually find this extension to be useful.
How many of you would actually try this extension in order to know if there is someone who un-friends you? Is such extension recommended for personal usage? Well for me if someone un-friends me, I would not even care about it as such person would no longer be a priority to me, and as my friends list is quite little and all of them are my close ones, I am pretty sure they would not end up un-friending me.

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Via Cnet