OneNote by Microsoft on Android gets updated with multi-window support and a useful widget

Guys, head over to Google Play and get this note-taking application developed by Microsoft itself as many of us wouldn’t know this because most of us are too used on using Evernote or even the stock note-taking application. OneNote looks pretty awesome with its user friendly and eye catching UI which basically allows you to take note flawlessly. Previously this application has already support certain widgets such as photos,audio, and new notes but lacked the most common widget of all, which is a widget where you can display recent notes on the home screen itself.
Obviously this is the feature that most of us are looking for when it comes to note-taking application as if it could be added to the homescreen via widget, by default without updating it daily as we keep adding notes, this feature could automatically update with the latest note that is supposed to appear. You can also set it manually in order to follow your note’s reminder date and time which would apply on the widget as well.
Another exciting news is for the Samsung users who have multi-window capable device as now you can use this app with the option to use on multi-window included once you get OneNote installed. However, to those who are using LG G Flex or even LG G2, devices that have similar feature called ” Split View” which I talked about previously in LG G2 gets Split View ported from LG G Flex  , it is still unconfirmed whether OneNote is supported yet on this updated as no reliable source and if any of you could confirm, please do so by commenting below.