Gmail update now features displaying images on messages automatically.

Have you felt that every time you would want to read an email from your friend or colleague which has an image within the message but most of the time spent on looking for the option to enable the view attachment that sometimes can prove to be annoying as you could even end up clicking something else which leads to some other page and so on? And some of you would be already used to such method of having an option to enable the image which could prove to be safer, but have you ever wonder that if there a way to actually switch the option to always display images on your email and also the default way which requires you to click in order to display image attached?
Not to worry, as today Gmail for Android devices have released an update which does the trick that I just mentioned, an option which now comes as default feature which automatically shows images without you having to click-to-view. You don’t have to worry as Google have actually worked out a method where their hosted servers would actually auto-detect if the images are safe to view followed by displaying it instantly on your email. If you’re uncomfortable with this feature, you could always turn it off by switching to “ask before showing” under Gmail settings, followed by tab.
Some other extra features which comes along with this update would be the ability to now download files such as PDF, ZIP and document files which previously was restricted to images only. Much user preferred updates are being brought in by Google for their users which would be always a plus point especially with the ability of being able to switch within personal preference.