To those who are still using Windows XP on their PC, please take note that Microsoft is ending their official support for this platform and some of you might be vulnerable to viruses and any other security risks.
This also means that you would not be getting any future updates from Microsoft dedicated on fixes updates, and security updates towards the nearing date of 8th April 2014. Many of Windows XP users still havent update to Windows 7 or even Windows 8 due to some of their vital application or in another word software couldn’t work as fluidly as what Windows XP could offer due to lack of support towards older versions of outdated software’s where there are no reliable alternatives yet. 
Rest of the users are also those with outdated specification on their PC which Windows 7 or 8 might not support and could lag badly due to major visual upgrading that Microsoft implemented on their newer version of Windows. This doesn’t mean as the end of world for Windows XP users, you could still continue using it as im pretty sure some developer most likely would continue providing essential updates and fixes unofficially. 
For those who might consider to upgrade their Windows to a newer version, I would recommend Windows 7 , as Windows 8 might be just requiring higher specification of PC. It might be also a good time for you to get a new personal computer. What do you got to say with Microsoft’s action of ending support towards Windows XP?