Updated Google Sheets gets to another level higher

Ever wonder that is there any other capable spreadsheet software which is web based but the transitions and performance at par with the native version installed in your computer? To those who tried Google Sheets before on their Google Drive or Google Chrome before and been very unhappy with limitations and sluggish performance? Fear no more, as the current Google Sheets has a whole load of new user experience to offer.
It is now bigger with the support of million sheets which knocks away the limit problem we faced before the update, and also much faster with larger spreadsheets. Another impressive highlight is that Google Sheets now works offline! yes, now you can work on the sheet although you’re not connected to WiFi or an active internet connection, as once you get a connection it would auto-sync without losing a single data.
It has a new unique feature that only Google Sheets have for now, which is called Filter views . It lets you quickly rename, save and share you data when you’re working on merged spreadsheets where you can sort it without affecting how others would see it.
Never tried Google Sheets before? Give it a shot and judge its reliabilty.