Skype Collaboration Project giving free 1year Skype Premium

I was browsing through the web and caught a deal on my eyes which was too good to resist, I personally tried this, and it worked flawlessly. How to get this offer for free? Follow this few easy steps:-

– Go to Skype Collaboration Project, and sign up with your email, within 24 hours you will receive a voucher code via your registered email that you provided during sign up.

– Log in to Skype on Skype webpage, and enter the voucher code. In approximately 10-15 minutes or even immediately, your account will automatically change from free account to premium account, totally free.

This deal is worth $107 per year where Skype Premium includes group video calls, group screen sharing,ad-free(finally without ad for at least a year), and live chat with customer support.

The deadline for this offer is on 30th of April 2014, which means that is the last day to redeem even if you managed to get a voucher on that day, you still have to redeem on the same day. Enjoy your free one year Skype Premium subscription.