Fleksy – Happy Typing exits beta stage for both IOS and Android.

Finally, the wait is over. The much anticipated app has finally passed it’s beta stage and now a fully stable release available at both App store and Google Play. Let’s take a look at some of the features that Fleksy is capable :-
Revolutionary technology – What it means here exactly  is that Fleksy will replace your on-screen keyboard that comes with your phone by default. Nothing new for Android users, but hey IOS users, is this something that you might find useful?
Tap-Typing reinvented – ” It features an autocorrect engine powerful enough to work, even when you are not looking at the screen!” Well this one sounds good, this is the main reason why i tried this application on my phone. To be honest it’s predictive capability is above average but I still prefer Swiftkey maybe because been using it for quite some time.
Award – winning UI – This on-screen keyboard features a user friendly UI with 114% larger effective typing area.
Type on any touch screen – Well, I was pretty clueless what it is supposed to mean. But what actually surprised me is that this app can be used on your smart watch! This is pretty cool as I never heard of any other keyboard that can be used on smart watch. I’m not so sure about what are the models that they support, but definitely Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is in the list.
Could this app stand up against the big guns Swiftkey , Swype and others? I personally feel that it has potential to do so . What do you say?