Not too long ago, I did a review on the Popsical Karaoke Bundle which was a hit in the Malaysian market since it is still one of it’s kind till date: cloud-based karaoke system. Using it for couple of months and realized that it is indeed a brilliant creation as its database gets updated constantly. My previous request of adding latest songs on different languages was taken care of as well. It is more like using a service which is well taken care of and feedback is always being monitored. The speaker that I got bundled with was more like leftover and I wasn’t really using it at all. I had better speakers which fit my requirements. If you want a cloud-based karaoke set which can plug and play in any sound system which has 3.5mm audio jack, this is the one for you.

What’s inside the box?

Setting up the Popsical Review is pretty simple and straight forward and would not consume too much of your time. User experience is perhaps just as the same of the Popsical Bundle that I reviewed except for an improved overall performance as probably it is due to a better hardware maybe?

The microphones are also much improved in terms of built quality as well as the distance that it could handle. The audio output that I used is LG Soundbar. It was underutilized and now it is like the perfect companion for my Popsical Remix.

The moment you have already setup the Popsical Remix to the TV as well as  sound system, you will proceed to boot up and proceed in pairing to the WiFi. Do ensure that your WiFi connected is as same as the one on your smartphone. This is to ensure you can control afterwards directly via your mobile device. Next, sign in to your Popsical account, if you don’t have one – proceed to sign up via Back then when I signed up for a Popsical account, I chose the Facebook option which was way easier to sign up. Alternatively you may opt to choose signing up via email instead. You will then see a TV code, enter that and you are good to go. You may enter the party code manually on your smartphone in order to synchronize between the TV and your smartphone.

Bare in mind that in order to use Popsical Remix, there are subscription fees involved. Don’t be afraid as you have the option to try it for 30 days before getting into the actual subscription. There are two plans to choose with, 24 hours pass – it costs you RM5.99 per day. This is suitable if you only plan to use the Popsical Remix once in a while. Perhaps during the days you throw a party or even a casual meet up with your old buddies. The other plan is monthly based which costs your RM14.99. This is definitely a plan for the hardcore Karaoke fans. There’s no limit to anything and you may just go ahead and sing till your lungs give out. In my honest opinion, the prices are just right and not overly priced. The reason why there’s a subscription fee is that it can be well maintained and updated from time to time. Back then when I reviewed the Popsical Bundle, there was about 120k songs available while at the time being we have about 200k in 14 languages and still growing. There are also licensing involved where we get most of the latest songs as well, so more or less the cost is just right.

Since I do enjoy singing and already have my desired contents on the Popsical database, it clearly has helped me improving my vocal abilities as well as the ability to sing confidently in front of my friends. What I am trying to say is that if at all your have serious interest in singing, the Popsical Karaoke will be a wise choice for you to start training and groom into the next level.

System stability is better compared to the previous version. There’s no lags or sluggishness on the overall operating system. A new feature that was introduced is the ability to play with a wide range of special voice modulation effects as “chipmunk”, “alien” and “robotic”. The robotic sounds exactly like batman in my opinion. Now there’s also option to request for a track, let’s say you like a specific song to be added into Popsical – this is possible now.

My conclusion is the Popsical Karaoke is still the best cloud-based Karaoke system available in Malaysia. The contents are way updated compared to how it was back then in most languages. The k-pop fans would love this as well since that genre is well-maintained according to one staff from Popsical. Party mode is still a killer feature which enables more than 20 people connected simultaneously for a single karaoke session. Not to forget, you can always record your singing and archive it for your future reference playback.

The Popsical Remix is priced at RM1499 and comes with 1 year warranty. You may now opt to purchase it directly from the official store located at Mid Valley(T-013E 3rd Floor) or the easier yet convenient way will be online 

Getting it at Popsical store Midvalley would be wiser if you want to have a feel of this device. You will be able to try the device as well as get to know more features mentioned above all by yourself. For more information, you may always follow their Facebook page as it is constantly updated.


Popsical Remix Review - Karaoke at a whole new level
Lightweight and easy to carry aroundLoads of new features and large song databaseTrial feature added is an added advantage
Additional cables should have been bundled
8.8Overall Score
Build Quality8.5
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