I am pretty sure the very moment you read the title ” TP-LINK” would remind you of the routers that we use for our internet connection. Well, they’re well known in the modem industry and therefore they have decided to enter the smartphone market with one of them being the Neffos C5. This is an affordable smartphone and definitely reliable as I have used it for more than two weeks. As usual, this review will be totally based on user experience and there’s no technical related details involved in it.

What do you get inside the box?

  • Neffos C5
  • USB Charging cable
  • 3-pin adapter
  • earphones
  • user manual
  • warranty card
  • Safety notice
  • Battery ( not attached on the smartphone )


The Neffos C5 looks as though there’s no top bezels simply due to its color tone decided by TP-Link. The top part is black while only the bottom part is white in color. Of course the back is entirely white in color. Overall, the design is pretty simple and attractive in my opinion. There’s metal sides to enhance the premium-ness as the rest are all made out of plastic. There are no physical navigational buttons as the Neffos C5 has On Screen Buttons. As I have mentioned in several reviews, I do like the idea of having On Screen Buttons rather than a physical one as it could get annoying sometimes by accidentally clicking on it. The power button and volume rockers are well designed as they are extremely tactile and very nice to use.


The display on the Neffos C5 comes at 5.0-inches while the resolution is HD ( 1280 x 720 ). You still get a decently sized display and HD is considered okay for some people who desire a better battery life. Based on my usage as a daily driver, I feel the screen is good where the colors are vibrant and bright. It’s not the best of displays out there, however it does belong to one of the decent looking display categories out there.

Processor & Performance

The Neffos C5 comes with an Octa core processor powered by Mediatek MT6753 which is clocked at 1.3GHz. You might prefer having a Snapdragon processor on your smartphone, however this processor from Mediatek does not lag and it is completely reliable. I have been using it heavily on social messaging and web browsing, and believe me it does perform very well as this could be due to lack of bloatwares included by TP-Link. With the help of 2GB RAM, there’s no doubt the reliability could increase without having a doubt it could crash on you every time there’s plenty of processes running on the background. Of course it wouldn’t be able to handle extremely a lot of multi-tasking, however it did serve me right for all my purposes without failing on me.

Camera & Storage

Moving to the camera segment, the Neffos C5 comes with a 8MP (Dual LED Flash) main camera and a 5MP front selfie camera. The camera is not the best you can get out there as the images does not focus as fast as you wish for. The camera software is pretty close to the stock camera app of Android Vanilla UI. I have tried taking few photos for you to judge its quality by yourself and they’re quite decent looking. What do you think?

- Please recheck your ID(s).
- If you are showing a private album, check that the "Retrieve Photos From" option is set to "User's Private Album" and that the Authorization Key is correct.

This smartphone comes with 16GB of internal storage and it does support micro SD card up to 32GB due to the existence of micro SD card slot. I don’t store much on my internal storage itself and usually abuse the cloud storage itself, however I did not come in short of storage space on the Neffos C5. Most probably you might not be satisfied with the storage space, so please go ahead and get a micro SD card for yourself.

Network & Dual SIM

This under-rated smartphone from TP-Link supports 4G LTE connectivity. Of course, it had dual SIM and both of them support 4G LTE. The call quality is excellent and it is definitely better than some other smartphone brands out there. My 4G LTE connectivity on Digi network was splendid and managed to get stable data connection almost everywhere I travel. Do take note that both of the SIM slots are micro SIMs.

Software & Battery

The Neffos C5 comes out of the box with Android 5.1 Lollipop. There’s no real bloatware in it. Most of the UI is purely stock and uncustomized. This can be good as when less customization is made, means there’s most probably less memory leak or usage. For the price of this smartphone, I prefer it to remain near to stock as it helps in the UI being smooth and nearly no ” Force Close” issues.

Last but not least, the battery on the Neffos C5 comes at only 2200mAh and it is removable. I was quite disappointed with the battery capacity being quite low, however I was suprised seeing the battery life. With the battery life remains at 10%, I managed to get almost a full day of usage with 4 hours of Screen On Time. Do refer to the screenshot below. This could be due to the minimized customization done on the software section.


In my opinion, this smartphone could be one of the best buy for the price tag of RM539. It is affordable and reliable as it comes from a well known brand in Malaysia although not being known for making smartphones. This is a smartphone you can get for RM500 with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and near-stock Android experience. Not to forget, it has great battery life.

TP-Link Neffos C5
  • Design - 70
  • Software - 75
  • Camera - 70
  • Battery - 85
  • Features - 75


- Minimal bloatware
- Dual SIM Dual 4G
- Great Battery life
- Good pricing range
- no notification light
- camera is slow and sharpness should be improved