It has been merely two weeks since I had been using the Wiko Fever 4G. This is the first smartphone that Wiko brought in to Malaysia officially with 3GB of RAM. I am the RAM lover when it comes to choosing a smartphone, so this is the preferred one that I wanted from Wiko’s line-ups. As usual, I will be talking about my journey using this smartphone in a user experience perspective.


This is like one of the cheapest smartphone that you can get with a Full HD resolution. The display is sized at 5.2-inch and since it is an IPS LCD screen, there’s no lack on the image output quality. I am pleased with Wiko for not cutting their cost in one of the essential component of a smartphone, the Display. Not to forget, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is the glass protection that comes with the Wiko Fever 4G.

Processor &RAM

Well, this is probably the most worrying part before I started using this smartphone. The Wiko Fever 4G comes with a Mediatek MT6753 Octa core processor. I mean, it’s not that I hate Mediatek. The claims from them such as even the Helio processors let me down few times. So it is like first impression that goes “meh”. However, the Wiko Fever 4G did well enough to surprise me. I faced minimal lags or force close issues. There are no serious issues until I had to clear all the running apps in order to continue using this phone smoothly. As usual, I will give the credits to the generous 3GB of RAM that comes within this phone.

I tried Arkham Origins and the phone did manage to handle the graphics pretty well. Probably a little slow on the loading part, however during the gaming session everything seems to work well and smoothly.


Since I am a fan of the “On Screen Navigation” buttons, I got quite attached to the Wiko Fever 4G. There’s no capacitive buttons with backlights that will end up being annoying at times due to you mistakenly clicking on it accidentally most of the times while watching a video or while it’s in your pocket. Otherwise, the design is clean and solid. On the back there’s this faux leather like finish that is actually plastic. The back cover is removable with the sole purpose of only to enter your SIM cards and micro SD card as the battery is non-removable.

The metal sides are claimed to be glow in the dark. There’s classification for each color of the smartphone that you purchase and its glow effect:-

  • Black/Grey – Subtle glow effect

  • White/Gold – Intense glow effect

  • Black/Gold – Subtle glow effect

I have the White/Gold version which is supposed to glow the best among the rest, however I have tried couple of times to actually make it glow in the dark and unfortunately it did not work for me. Most probably I have to take it out and let it suck in some direct sunlight to get it working? Let me reconfirm on that.

Camera and Speaker

The main camera on the Wiko Fever 4G has a 13MP sensor with Dual LED flash. The image output of the smartphone is pretty decent. The images are decently sharp and good looking photos are possible with this smartphone. It is not the best when you compare with any other 13MP shooters out there, however it could get second or third placing when you compare with those which has OIS in it. The front selfie camera has a 5MP sensor and accompanied with a Selfie Flash. Since you have a front facing flash, the images are pretty decent looking even on low-light conditions.

- Please recheck your ID(s).
- If you are showing a private album, check that the "Retrieve Photos From" option is set to "User's Private Album" and that the Authorization Key is correct.

There’s a single rear facing speaker within this smartphone that is decently loud. It is not the loudest however it does its job and you won’t have serious complaints with it. As I have mentioned on some of my previous reviews, it would be better to have a front facing speaker instead. However to understand the price range of this smartphone, we have to deal with what we pay for.

OS and Storage

The Wiko Fever 4G comes out of the box with Android 5.1 Lollipop which is pretty old but still one of the best yet available widely. I don’t think there’s a name for their Skin On as it looks very close to stock Android. We all have this passion towards stock looking Android smartphones, so this is one you have to definitely check out. This also makes the RAM management to use less RAM which significantly reduces and assist the lags found in any other smartphone with similar specifications with loads of bloatware in it. For those who are looking for a minimum bloatware smartphone, this will be a wise choice.

Some features such as double tap to wake and sleep, gestures and other minimal customization is present within the Wiko Fever 4G. I had an issue with the double tap to wake as it failed to work a couple of times. Could be a problem with my set, however just stating what I have faced during my usage period.

As for the internal storage, Wiko is generous enough to give us 32GB of ROM space. That’s plenty for its price range for sure. The system takes up about 7GB of the storage which leaves you with 22GB of space to play with. Just in case that is not sufficient for you, there’s the option to expand it with your micro SD card up to 64GB.

Network and Battery

I mean there’s no need to guess about the limitations of this smartphone when it comes to network connectivity. Both of the micro SIM slots supports 4G LTE and my Digi SIM card worked flawlessly with most areas that I visit are covered with 4G LTE. Last but not least, this smartphone comes with a 2900mAh non-removable battery. There are no fancy features such as fast charging, so some might dislike this part of the smartphone. Well, for the price you pay, most of the areas are really beneficial in my opinion. There is no real need for you to have fast charging capability as this phone can definitely last you throughout the day with moderate usage. I managed to fork out 2.5 hours of Screen On Time with a moderate usage of social networks and web browsing.


The Wiko Fever 4G is priced at only RM799 inclusive of GST. Do take note that this smartphone comes bundled with SIM adapters, back transparent case and clear screen protector. There’s no need to hunt for any basic accessories as it comes bundled. Not to forget, there’s also a pair of earphones bundled within the box. Pretty generous isn’t it?

I am pretty sure there’s a huge chance to get it cheaper if you purchase it online or even some authorised sellers could be able to reduce it. There are no fancy features such as fingerprint scanner, fast charging and etc, however there’s stock Android experience, 3GB of RAM, Dual 4G LTE with micro SD slot and a Full HD IPS display. In the end, it’s your personal preference on what you would want to get. As for my side, this is a smartphone which is definitely worth a shot. 🙂

Wiko Fever 4G
  • Display - 80
  • Design - 75
  • Features - 75
  • Battery - 70
  • Software - 80


- Minimal bloatware
- Decent pricing for 3GB of RAM
- Front selfie flash is an added advantage

- double tap to wake sometimes malfunction
- battery life isn't the best out there