Microsoft Surface 3 is now in Malaysia with price starting from RM1989


Microsoft Malaysia officially launched the Surface 3 at an exclusive event attended by Microsoft partners and media friends. The Surface 3 is the latest addition to the Surface family, and is the thinnest and lightest Surface to date. Like its powerful Surface Pro 3 sibling, the Surface 3 is designed and built with premium material that doesn’t sacrifice quality or beauty. Yet, it strikes a great balance between performance and value that will appeal to many. It’s the best of a tablet, yet works like a laptop, at a more accessible price point.

Starting from a recommended retail price (“RRP”) of RM1,989 for its 64GB, 2GB RAM version, and RM2,389 for its 128GB, 4GB RAM version, Malaysians can purchase their own unit beginning 9 May by visiting Microsoft Surface retailers throughout the country including Aone Plus Supplies & Services, Harvey Norman, All IT Hypermarket, PC Image Sdn Bhd, Senheng Electric & senQ Digital Station, SNS Network, Thunder Match Technology, Viewnet Computer System, Hello Station at Suria KLCC, and Style Vision. For more information on participating outlets, visit Commercial customers are advised to refer to their authorized resellers for more information.

Perfect Blend of Performance and Value

The best way to describe Surface 3 is that it hits the sweet spot – providing the perfect blend of performance and value. The Surface 3 is the first device with a quad-core Intel Atom x7 processor — the highest-performing processor within the Intel Atom processor family. The Surface 3 is 85% as powerful as today’s Core i3 Surface Pro 3, and is designed specifically for tablets, providing the perfect balance, offering great speeds and a longer battery lifespan.

The Surface 3 also boasts a beautiful 10.8-inch ClearType HD multi-touch display featuring a 3:2 aspect ratio, stereo speakers with Dolby Audio-enhanced sound, and the elegant and durable magnesium design that customers will recognize from the Surface Pro 3. The three-position kickstand is ideal for using the Surface 3 while working at a desk, sitting on a couch or holding in the palm of a hand as a natural writing surface. It also packs a 3.5-megapixel 1080p front-facing camera and 8-megapixel 1080p autofocus rear-facing camera for great video Skype calls and high-quality pictures.

Weighing only 622g, the Surface 3 is optimized to run full Windows 8.1 with a free upgrade to Windows 10 when it’s available later this year. The Surface 3 also comes complete with a one-year subscription of Microsoft Office 365 Personal, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, plus OneDrive cloud storage.

For its excellent price, the Surface 3 is an ideal choice for students and schools who need a beautifully designed, sturdy device built for productivity at a more accessible price point. The Surface 3 can easily transition from a tablet during downtime to a laptop in lecture halls, making this a versatile device at the right price for students and schools alike.

Likewise, the device provides excellent value for professionals who require light mobility in the best of a tablet that works like a laptop – offering the quality and features people have come to trust in Microsoft devices. In addition, it is capable of connecting to corporate networks like Microsoft Exchange like any other laptop. With Surface 3, professionals now have more choice within the Surface portfolio to find the perfect fit.

Consumers can also choose to have Surface 3 as it is, or pair it with new accessories:
Surface 3 Type Cover comes in black, bright blue and red colors; and features an improved trackpad, responsive keyset for fast, accurate typing, and a double-fold hinge for increased lap stability.
The pen experience remains one of the best-received features of Surface Pro 3. It enables annotation of documents, utilization of OneNote and highly accurate writing and drawing. This is an essential feature of the device, and so the Surface Pro 3 pen experience was also made available to the Surface 3. Like the Type Cover, there are four vibrant Surface Pen colors — silver, black, blue and red.
The Surface 3 Docking Station lets people easily connect to an external monitor, wired internet connection and a variety of other peripherals.
The Surface 3 Screen Protector is a tempered-glass screen protector designed for maximum clarity and an optimal touch and pen experience. At just 0.5 mm thin, you can protect your Surface from bumps and scratches while enjoying an uncompromised Surface Pen experience.

Apart from Malaysia, Surface 3 will available in 26 markets around the world by May 7.


Surface 3 Device, Accessories Prices & Availability

Surface 3 64GB, 2GB RAM  1,989.00
Surface 3 128GB, 4GB RAM 2,389.00
Surface 3 Type Cover (Black, Bright Blue, Red) 479.00
13W Power Supply for Surface 3 149.00
Docking Station for Surface 3 769.00
Screen Protector for Surface 3 179.00
Surface Pen (Black, Bright Blue, Red) 189.00


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