I have got my hands on the Samsung Level Over and the Samsung Level Box which are the latest audio gadgets produced by Samsung itself. To make yourself clear, the Samsung Level Over is a headphone while the Samsung Level Box is a standalone Bluetooth speaker.Both of them are operated via Bluetooth and with that being present, NFC takes its place in them as well. I will try my best to keep you as informative as possible, so lets start it off with the Samsung Level Over.

Samsung Level Over

Out of the box, you get the following items:-

–  carry case

– micro USB cable to charge the Samsung Level Over

– 1.2mm cable with 3.5mm output and controller on the wire with three dedicated buttons.


We tried many headphones which are not as expensive as the Level Over which are plenty available out there which most of them are wired type rather than wireless. We can point with fingers how limited the type of Bluetooth wireless headphones are available out there when it comes to Malaysia and if there are, they’re usually unknown brands. So when it comes to expensive headphones equal to the Samsung Level Over, what is gradually being promoted over the mass media is the Beats variants, which in this case Beats Studio is the closest of all to be compared.

The design language is pretty decent although its all round plastic, which however surprisingly feels nice to hold yet wear on your head with the comfort level being really great. Internally which is the part that being faced to your ears are the leather like designed brown-colored padding which continues to be also covered all the way till the headband too. Tried using it up to several hours, which in my case around 6 hours during working hours, I actually felt good without having to keep adjusting it, which you could do with the adjustable band. Nothing to worry as it feels really good as though you ears are like lying on the leather couch.


50mm Bio-Cellulose Diaphragm with Neodymium Magnet
Active Noise Cancellation


BT 3.0 / apt-X, SBC


High elasticity sponge on the ear pad
Smooth leather-like material on the Headband


Smart Touch Control / 3.5 mm ear jack


S Voice
Bluetooth pairing
2mic noise reduction / Echo cancellation
Talk(Listening) / Standby time when ANC On : 15hr/30hr
Talk(Listening) / Standby time when ANC Off : 30hr/200hr


Premium carrying case / Micro USB cable
Detachable audio cable with microphone and remote controller
Plug adapter (for Airplane)


175x190x78 mm, 350g

What about noise – cancellation?

Well, with the Samsung Level Over being fully charged via the USB cable provided, you can roughly get about 18 – hours of active noise- cancellation and music doing the job for you. Trust me, the four dedicated noise- cancelling mics works flawlessly. Even without listening to loud music, outside atmosphere is very much far from being heard or even to bother your pleasant music listening session.  Another key point to note about the Samsung Level Over is that even if the battery runs out, you can just simply plug it in to a mobile device using 3.5mm jack provided you can continue listening to your favorite music without any disturbance except for the loss of noise-cancellation as it strictly requires battery power to be utilized.

How good is the sound? Impressive!

Trying out the Samsung Level Over on the first day was quite hard for me to get used to it as the sound quality was totally different from any other headphones that I have tried before simply because of its studio quality sound coming out from the headphones surpasses any other headphones with ease or rather it has its own style of audio compared to another. No kidding, try it out for yourself. Trying and trying it continously made me fell in love with it or rather being attached to it with me using it or carrying it around no matter where I am, its all the time resting on my neck.

The sound coming out from the Samsung Level Over is extremely sharp rather than immerse level of treble or bass involved in it. It sounds pretty neutral, ear friendly all the way but again its personal preference, and I love to have a good amount of bass to the music or rather song that I listen to.

Touch Pad control. Simply amazing!

This is really new to me especially here in Malaysia, we don’t really have loads of choice to choose from with the touch pad based control for your headphones. When I first tried the Samsung Level Over, I was wondering where is the controllers? Made me frustrated and after a little bit of experimenting, I was totally shocked and excited at the same time getting to know that the tech is evolving so fast in every single consumer products made available.

So what about touch pad? Well, you can basically do everything wireless. What I mean by that is you could answer your phone call, change the tracks, pause, play everything by just touching the touch pad in different motions.

Touch Intuitive Controls

So, the touch pad is accesible by tapping on the right ear case of the Samsung Level Over. You can swipe up to increase the volume, and swipe down to decrease it. The adjustments of the volume is phenomenal because it adjustses extremely precise and allows you to set to the exact preferred level of your desire. That is why it is called ” Samsung Level ” . You have to double-tap for playing any track which was last played from and double-tap again to pause it.

To change the track, simply swipe left/right depending on which way you would want it to be, either the next track or the previous one. Last but not least, you could activate Samsung’s S-Voice by tap and hold the touch pad for about 3 seconds which will auto trigger the S-Voice even on a non Samsung smartphone which activates a voice dialer that is similar to the S-Voice. However, this is more like a future plan from Samsung to tweak it accordingly as the S-Voice has been pretty quiet for quite some time.

Samsung Level App

This is a app specially made from Samsung itself to enhance your sound quality at your finger tips. Within the app, you will find the extremely easy to control SoundAlive Equalizer from Samsung which is divided into two “Basic” and “Advanced”.

In the basic mode, you will find a 5×5 boxes totaling up to 25 boxes with each sides representing Treble, Vocal, Instrument, and Bass. With these made available, all you have to do is choose the right box that you would prefer to set in order to enjoy your music according to the song and your mood as well. Let’s say you’re into the huge tracks of Dubstep, I will choose to give priority to the Bass and enjoy the sick beat! 🙂

Own a Samsung Level Over or Samsung Level Box? Get the Samsung Level App here.

With a decent user experience of up to one week, I will definitely regard the Samsung Level Over as one of the best headphones that I have worn till date. The comfort level is amazing and with an attractive outlook, perfect combo that you would always want to have on a expensive headphones is provided anyway. The size is a little big for someone who has a small sized head but since it’s extremely comfortable and adjustable, its not a big issue or rather Samsung is not choosy as what you claim they are.

Noise-cancellation works superbly without any flaw and trust me you will be having no doubts on ” What is this noise-cancellation anyway?” as the very moment you try this headphones on, that particular question will fly away from your mind. Do keep in mind that the Samsung Level Over provides one of the best noise-cancellation overall in wireless Bluetooth headphones category. It’s world class yo! 🙂

For a user experience for listening purpose, I won’t regard these as the best ever audio producer, but it isn’t too far from being the best simply because as I mentioned before that I love to listen to high bass type of music which is not the category that the Samsung Level Over falls into as it is much aimed towards crystal clear studio level audio. Thus, the Samsung Level App’s Equalizer helps a little bit on enhancing the audio experience with the app will be updated in near future I hope allowing you to go deeper into the bass section.

Battery Life

The Battery Life on the Samsung Level Over could easily last up to 12 hours with heavy usage paired with the noise-cancellation as well while you can go up to a day of battery life without turning on the noise-cancellation feature. Charging the battery does not take too long (around one hour) for full charge using the AC Adapter by connecting the micro USB cable provided.


There is only one problem in getting these headphones for personal usage, which is the price of course which is way above the budget of some people who wish to own the outstanding headphones from Samsung. For a price tag of RM1399, some would still opt to choose these headphones simply because of the professionalism that can be found for some audio enthusiast giving that NFC and touch control is made available, the Samsung Level Over is worth the try and of course it is worth the keep too.

Samsung Level Box

The Samsung Level Box is another new entry from Samsung to the audio industry which this time features a Box similar to the Beats Pill and of course a direct competitor with all the features available on the Samsung Level Box. This review unit wasn’t exactly had the full package of what you will get out of the box, however these are most likely the items which will be included in the retail box when you purchase from shops.


– User Manual

– AC adapter

– micro USB cable

– 3.5mm audio cable

Design Language

Available in two colors, black and white while the one we have for review is the black unit. The design architecture is superb and looks really expensive with proper detailing done from Samsung. I personally like our review unit as the black one seems to look very premium and stands out more than the white one. Both of them are the same build quality anyway so don’t think too much about it and a glance of look towards the Samsung Level Box, I am pretty sure you will fall in love with it.

The wonderful speaker grills made out of metal which covers the entire part of speaker seems to be a good move from Samsung’s designers as it does looks exceptional. It also makes the speaker look rugged yet looks like able to handle tough environments even outdoors.


56mm Large stereo speaker with passive radiator


NFC, Bluetooth pairing button


Compact & Metal design


S Voice
Speaker Phone (Conference Call)
Built-in MIC & Noise reduction/Echo cancellation


Micro USB cable, Travel adaptor, 3.5 mm Audio cable


164.3×62.3×69.2 mm, 600g

It seems to be a little heavy as it weights at 600g, but it’s size compensates the matter very well as it is definitely very compact and easy to place it almost anywhere without consuming too much of space and even if it is extremely light, people might also regard the Samsung Level Box as low quality build isn’t it? 🙂

Bluetooth & NFC

NFC is getting really common these days. So Samsung is really putting a great amount of effort of including it in almost everything that they release these days. Simply tap your device on the NFC logo placed on the left side of the box and you will be hearing high quality audio coming out from the speakers of the Samsung Level Box. Hence, with the existence of the Bluetooth, if you’re using a smartphone or any device without NFC, you can still pair it via Bluetooth or worst case scenario, use the 3.5mm Audio cable and connect it directly to your device.

Build in Microphone? Why?

Built with the Samsung Level Box, you have a microphone which acts as a option to use as a hands-free device to answer and make phone calls directly on the Samsung Level Box itself. Of course, voice will be coming out of the loud speaker, so a little bit of privacy issue so make sure answer personal calls via the speaker only if you’re all alone 😛

There are few buttons available to use on the Samsung Level Box which are the power and Bluetooth buttons are placed on the back part of the speaker. Rest of the buttons such as play and pause button, volume up and down button, and the multifunction( talk ) button is placed on top of the speaker.

Sound quality and loudness

The Samsung Level Box has a great sound quality. The bass level is magnificent and unbelievable thinking that such small Box can produce such great quality and of course such great loudness. Samsung claims that if you’re having a Samsung smartphone, the preset equalizer of ” SoundAlive” from Samsung themselves is able to get most from the Samsung Level Box, but on my personal opinion, even without the ” SoundAlive ” equalizer, using a non Samsung brand smartphone also provides great audio quality from the Samsung Level Box, so no matter what Audio player you’re using, this speaker is able to win hands down.

Based on my trial usage, the Samsung Level Over managed to outperform one of my stand-alone audio speaker in term of loudness. Yes, the loudness is unbelievable and even your neighbor can notice what song you’re exactly listening to. No kidding. The Bass is pretty decent and up to my expectation. No problem listening to high-bass Dubstep music via the Samsung Level Over. 🙂

Battery Life on the Samsung Level Over

The Samsung Level Over is able to have a battery life about 15 hours based on Samsung itself and fact being so is correct as it could able to handle about 15 hours of continuous music listening in medium volume level (10 hours on mixed volume level more towards full volume) . To charge the Samsung Level Over, you have to use the AC Adapter which is provided in the packaging itself ( you can still use other AC Adapters but at your own risk ) Full charging of the Samsung Level Over takes around 1 hour 40 minutes.


Even if you think that Samsung is a beginner in Audio industry, until you try it for yourself you will definitely disagree with this statement as their audio accessories seems to be made of really high quality and good amount of effort was given during the invention of these products. The Samsung Level Over is a perfect partner for you to carry around and use as your sole audio speaker as with the premium looks and premium Audio quality, I am pretty sure most of your friends will be impressed. All you have to do is play the perfect track in front of them, and witness the magic for yourself. 🙂

For a price tag of RM659, it could be a hefty price tag for some people out there. But if you’re up for some real good quality Bluetooth speaker with great audio, especially great Bass level and of course the massive loudness, paired with tap and play NFC feature with the option of even using a loudspeaker hands-free to talk, I am pretty sure the price tag compensates pretty decently right?

For more info on these products, check out Samsung Malaysia’s website.

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