Split View from LG G Flex ported to LG G2

Many of you should be familiar with ”Multi-Window” feature from Samsung for it’s smartphones once Jellybean was introduced earlier, so some was wondering why didn’t any other brands offer this feature on their smartphones as using two applications simultaneously is very useful despite most of us usually surf Facebook while browsing the web.
Not too long, LG decided to introduce this feature with their term of ”Split View” which was introduced on their latest smartphone LG G Flex. Sadly LG G2 users who bought their device not too long after LG G Flex was introduced misses out this feature on their device, LG would possibly bring this feature on their next software update which possibly bring the Android 4.4 KitKat to the G2 users.
Anyway, one of XDA’s developers bigfau managed to port the Split View feature to the LG G2 which works flawlessly without any serious issues to be concerned of, but some compatibility problem with apps such as Google Hangouts and Tapatalk occurred, so if you’re using one of these apps dependently, I would reckon not to flash this port. 
Flashing this port is easy, comes in a zip file, you just need a custom recovery where it would be usually CWM or TWRP, go to recovery mode and flash the zip file. For more info and step by step guide on how to do this, head over to [MOD] LG G Flex Split View Port.