LG teases three new Windows 8 PCs including an AIO desktop just before CES 2014

LG is doing great in order to boost people’e expectation on them to be higher as they have already announced of releasing few gadgets which some of them I have talked about before in LG Pocket Photo Wireless Printer – CES 2014 and 105-inch UHD TV by LG and Samsung – CES 2014. Today they added three new gadgets which comes from the same category with all of them powered by Windows 8.1 operating system but slightly different in term of perspectives.
One of the Windows 8 PC looks like a tablet with a built-in slider keyboard as I am unable to confirm with limited sources but it would be named as Tab-Book 2 which features a 11.6-inch screen and a hide-able QWERTY keyboard beneath, intel Core i5 4th Gen Haswell processor and would have two variants with 11T740 and 11T540 model names respectively. The rest of the specifications remains unknown.
The LG Ultra PC 13Z940 is another Windows 8 PC which would feature a Full HD 13.3-inch IPS, possibly touch enabled, powered by Intel Core i5 4th Gen Haswell processor with 128GB and 256GB SSD variants. LG also claims this Ultra PC would provide excellent graphic performance together with extended battery life. Since the model number has ‘940’ in it, I would assume this Ultra PC to weight at only 940grams.
As for the AIO PC from LG, this desktop would feature a 27-inch Full HD IPS display, running on Windows 8.1, would feature Intel Core CPU(not sure which one would be featured) and Nvidia GeForce GT 740M graphic card. One of the exciting feature this LG AIO PC offers is picture-in-picture(PIP) where you could watch TV and continue using your PC simultaneously with the expense of certain percentage of screen resolution unless you connect it to the TV via HDMI jack.
Are you excited about these gadgets from LG? Would this be a better choice despite many other variants of Windows 8 PCs are available out there with different branding?
Via LG