Interested in getting Google Opinion Rewards to work in your country? This is how you could get instant Google Play credits.

Have you heard of Google Opinion Rewards? This is an official survey that is conducted by Google itself which provides you free Google Play credits upon completion of each survey! That’s right, you could save your bucks without having to use your own credit card and own money. One sad part about this survey from Google is that it is open for only USA residents. So for those who are staying outside USA and would like to get some free Google Play credits, you could follow few easy steps and get yourself rewarded instantly. I would like to thank one of the member from XDA forum for exploring this useful trick.
Okay, this is how you kick start the trick:

– Install two apps from Google Play, Fake GPS and Psiphon

– Go to developer menu in settings and enable Allow mock locations.

– Open Fake GPS and choose a location based in the USA and press Set Location.

– Open Psiphon and choose Tunnel whole Device followed by option>choose United States from the region and lock for Tunnel whole Device to make sure you have enabled it, and than press Start.

– Now you have to create a new Google account, make sure you do it on your device as your current IP address would be based in the USA.

– Once you’re done creating the Google account, head to Settings and add a Google account to your device.

– Next, open up Google Play and select the account which you just created.

– Search for Google Opinion Rewards and install it(make sure you uninstall if you have this already installed in your device)

– Open up Google Opinion Rewards and choose the new USA based Google account that you created, the app will initialize and you can now continue to the survey which would prompt you to enter a zip code, type 08205 on the zip code section, immediately you will receive a new survey which would reward you with $1 once it is completed.

-One this is done, you can already close the Fake GPS and Psiphon and continue using your device’s location like how it was being used previously.

Try it out and let me know how it goes for you, I am quite sure most of you would definitely love this one.
  • Greetings from New Zealand … seems to work OK

    • Greetings mate, thanks for the confirmation, appreciate such feedbacks always .

  • I wasnt given a $1 dunno y any reason

    • Hi there, have you completed the part where you need to enter the US postal code and submit it? Once it is done you should be credited $1, anyway if it does not work for you, I would suggest you to just keep on doing the available surveys. Who knows maybe you will be credited at a later stage, besides that, it is better than nothing.

  • After completed the first survey and received 1 dollar, now I didn’t receive any anymore. It has been almost a month…

    • Hi there,

      I have been using this method till date, and it seems like working fine for me, could you try to remove everything and start doing from first step to last again? If it still doesn’t work, feel free to let me know. Thank you!

      • Amr prsad

        I know it’s rather stupid to ask, but I’m unable to make get connected, the servers psiphon servers are always slow, once when did get through, and made a account. The account location turned out to be of India,, :(. I have root, just couldn’t make… So was hoping if you could plz make a account, would be highly greatful, it’d just the 3 mins. Please

        • teenaesh

          Hey there, have you tried different app than the Psiphon? You could use any VPN apps, and try see if it works for you.

          • Amr prsad

            Got psiphon working, it’s fine now. Now unable to make account,, Google site wants this stupid sms verification. I tried online sms verification sites, most of the numbers are blocked and the once which finally got accepted. Dint recieved the Google Verification Link,, when psiphon and GPS mock are on, does the mobile verification number has to be of US?

  • Amr prsad

    Never mind, got the account. Thanks it worked, got a us bases account. Rewards app hasn’t loaded up though, keeps refreshing only

  • Anonymous

    Help! It needs phone number to verify codes…

  • Tom Henksen

    Tried it from the Netherlands, for some reason the first time I tried it I was able to put in a postal code etc, after which it would load indefinitely (a spinning circle in the middle of the screen, and a not too helpfull 3 dots menu icon at the top right.

    Tried it with 2 new accounts made from within ghte GOR app but it just keeps loading perpetually after filling in the zip code (tried 08205 and 90210 which were reported to work here and elsewhere).

    Doesn’t work from both my LG G2 and HTC Sensation :/

  • kishan chevli

    I got 1$ but to use this app further, i have to keep on the fake gps & psiphon app?

    • teenaesh

      Once you have got your first $1, you can already ignore the fake GPS and Psiphon app. You’re safe to use the GOR app without those two apps mentioned.

      • kishan chevli

        Can i use this credits to buy gems in clash of clans? 😛

        • teenaesh

          Lmao. Yes yes can do :p

          • kishan chevli

            I created coc account with US google acc. but in payment options there is my older acc.(not us acc.) Any reasons?

          • teenaesh

            Have you tried loging out from everything related to playstore and relogin again?

          • kishan chevli

            Yes, in all this acc. Play store, gmail, youtube. If any other remaining tell me.

          • teenaesh

            Well then im not so sure. Unless i could fiddle with it. Do let me know if you have found the solution bro. Thanks.

          • kishan chevli

            Okey bro. Thanks.

          • shaama

            I HAVE DONE 1st SURVEY AND GOT 1$.

          • RSkimper

            CAPS LOCK BRO

          • Maciej Budzyński

            Try to log out from google play in COC.

  • lambinabush

    i didn’t receive the $1 but it worked 😀

  • inquietnight

    This didn’t work for me 🙁

  • Ammar Raza

    I am using motorola droid ultra and there is no developer menu in settings please help me

    • teenaesh

      Head over to About phone > And find for build version > and click multiple time until it enables your developer menu > you will find it in settings menu. Hope this helps.

      • Ammar Raza

        Thanks, it helped me: )

      • Ammar Raza

        Where to open fake gps???

      • Ammar Raza

        I am getting this error whenever i try to download google opinion rewards
        Please help me

        • ISuckAtNames

          Hi, I have the same error, have you found a fix for it yet?

  • Ammar Raza

    I used surfeasy app and its working better than prisphon and fake gps: ) but thanks for information #Admin

  • Bharat Reddy

    thanks man that ws awesome i have a question do i have to use fake gps nd psiphon all the time or can i uninstall it??

    • teenaesh

      you can definitely proceed to uninstall it.

  • kapil athi

    Will the 1dollar be credited immediately or will take time. It didn’t credit so far after an hour.. Though When I completed the first survey it told some surveys won’t be credited. I any change recently?

  • shaurya vaibhav

    the loading bar keeps rotating no survey uploads plz help

  • Himesh Gupta

    @teenaesh:disqus bro i m not getting any more survey after the $1 dollar survey

  • Michael Alexander

    Hey bro, can I make it work on my other account after I install the app?

  • daniel

    how do you switch to the new account?

    • daniel
  • Alena

    Every step worked until I downloaded the app and after the loading bar keeps rotating. :/ please help…